The Truth About Antichrist

(ISBN 9963-7703-1-2)
Author: Andreas Kareklas
Address: P.O. Box 28397, 2093 Nicosia, CYPRUS.

This little book reveals through its seven chapters what is the truth about Antichrist. It is like as if the subject of Antichrist was a secret sealed with seven seals. Every chapter of this book opens each seal in a logical sequence.

The reader should consider the truth that is revealed by this book although it is a bitter one in order to put his relation with God on a healthy basis, in the same way he has to swallow a medicine despite its bitter taste in order to be healed.

This book is offered free of charge.

Note: Anyone who finds this little book in the huge internet, but doesn't read it, looks like somebody who finds a diamond but doesn't take it because he or she thinks that it's a common piece of glass.